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40 IDF Weber Carburetor
Part Number: SMC.189.501.38
40 IDF Weber Carburetor.
Accelerator Pump Kit, Solex 40PII-4, 356/912 (50-69)
Part Number: 616.100.356.40
Solex 40PII-4 accelerator pump kit.
Accelerator Pump Volume Vial
Part Number: 000.721.025.10
This vial adjusts the pump volume discharge and helps assure smooth acceleration. May not fit early 356 carburetors.
Air Filter, All 356's (Zenith 32 NDIX Carburetors)
Part Number: 616.08.811.1
Mahle air filter for 356, 356A, 356B and 356C models. Two required.
AutoPulse Fuel Pump, Type 500, 356 Carrera
Part Number: SMC.547.08
500 type AutoPulse fuel pump for 356 Carrera models with 547 and 692 engines.
Ball Pin For Linkage, Zenith 32NDIX/Solex 40 PII-4
Part Number: SMC.167.022.02
Ball pin to repair bell cranks, crossbars or any linkage part that takes an 8mm ball pin.
Ball Socket Set (LH Threaded)
Part Number: SMC.169.LH.SET
Four (4) JÖRG brand ball sockets with snap ring for 356 (1950-1955), 356A (1555-1959), 356B (1960-1963) and 356C (1964-1965) models.
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Ball Socket Set (RH Threaded)
Part Number: SMC.169.RH.SET
Four (4) ball sockets with snap ring for 356 (1950-1955), 356A (1555-1959), 356B (1960-1963), 356C (1964-1965), 911 (1965-1977) and 912 (1965-1969) models.
Was: $25.01
Now: $20.39
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Ball Socket, All 356/911/912
Part Number: 999.169.002.02
Four needed for the fresh air vent on 356B and 356C models. For needed for the throttle body for 911/912/930 models.
Ball Socket, LH Threaded, All 356's (50-65)
Part Number: 900.169.008.02
Two needed for the linkage on 356 models.
Ball Socket, LH Threaded, All 356's (50-65)
Part Number: 900.169.010.02
5mm left hand threaded ball socket, 8mm ball, fits all 356 models (1950-1965).
Ball Socket, RH Threaded, All 356's (50-65)
Part Number: 900.169.013.02
Two needed.
Banjo Hollow Bolt, 356/356A (Solex, Zenith)
Part Number: N.021.071.7
Banjo hollow bolt for Solex or Zenith carburetors.
Banjo Hollow Hexagon Bolt (Solex 40P11)
Part Number: 616.100.867.00
Fuel line banjo bolt for Zenith carburetors. Two required.
Banjo Socket Oil Pressure Switch, 356 Pre-A (50-55)
Part Number: 528.07.823
Banjo Socket Oil Pressure Switch for 356 Pre-A models. Years 1950-1955.
Base Gasket
Part Number: 616.108.291.00
Wire mesh filter base gasket for Solex 40PII-4 carburetors, Super 90, SC, and 912 models. Two required.
Bell Crank Bushing, (50-89)
Part Number: 914.423.211.00
Accelerator bell crank bushing for all 356's, 911, 912, 914 and 930 models (1950-1989). Two required.
Bell Crank Repair Kit, 356/356A (50-59)
Part Number: NLA.423.020.8M
Bell Crank repair kit for 356 (1950-1955) and 356A (1955-1959) models.
Bell Crank, Rear Of Fan Housing
Part Number: 616.108.071.00
Bell crank, rear of fan housing. Fits Zenith 32NDIX & Solex 40PII-4.
Black Mounting Strap, All 356's/912 (50-69)
Part Number: SMC.546.09.301
Excellent reproduction of the front generator strap for 356 (1950-1955), 356A (1955-1959), 356B (1960-1963), 356C (1964-1965) and 912 (1965-1969).
Braided Fuel Hose, Bulk (7mm)
Part Number: 644.180.001.00
Braided hose for fuel and oil. Sold by the meter.
Braided Hose, Bulk (9mm)
Part Number: N.020.359.1
Braided hose for oil or fuel. Pressure-215 PSI Test Pressure- 430 PSI Burst Pressure-850 PSI. Sold by the meter.
Buffer Block, Solex 40PII-4
Part Number: 692.100.993.01
Buffer block for 356, 356A, 356B, 356C and 912 (1950-1969) models with split shaft carburetors. Fits Solex 40PII-4. Two needed per car.
Carburetor Balance Tube Elbow, 356/356A
Part Number: 539.08.320
Currently unavailable
Carburetor Gasket, All 356's/912 (50-69)
Part Number: 616.100.968.00
Carburetor gasket for all 356 (1950-1965) and 912 (1965-1969) models.
Carburetor Kit, Solex 32 PBIC
Part Number: 900.070.19.00
Gasket kit for Solex 32 PBIC carburetors on all 356 models. Two required.
Carburetor Kit, Solex 40PII-4
Part Number: 616.108.902.03
Solex 40PII rebuild gasket kit for all 356's and 912 models (1950-1969) with a divided throttle. Fits Solex 40PII-4 with split shaft.
Carburetor Kit, Solex 40PJCB
Part Number: 616.08.902
Gasket kit for Solex 40PJCB carburetors on all 356 models.
Carburetor Kit, Weber, All 356's/912 (50-69)
Part Number: SMC.100.949.00
The ultimate Weber rebuild kit for all 356 and 912 models (1950-1969).
Carburetor Needle Valve, 356 (50-65)
Part Number: 616.100.974.01
Carburetor needle valve for 356 models 1950-1965 with Zenith 32NDIX Carburetors.
Carburetor Pressure Push Rod, All 356's/911/912 (50-69)
Part Number: 616.08.012
Carburetor pressure push rod for linkage on 356 (1950-1955), 356A (1955-1959), 356B (1960-1963) 356C (1964-1965) 911 (1965-1969) and 912 (1965-1969) models. Has right hand thread on the top and left hand thread on the bottom. Fits Zenith 32NDIX & Solex 40PII-4, two required.
Carburetor Return Spring, All 356's/912 (Solex)
Part Number: 999.522.003.02
Carburetor return spring for Solex 40PII-4. It fits all 356's and 912 (1950-1969).
Carburetor Return Spring, All 356's/912 (Zenith)
Part Number: 616.08.119
Carburetor return spring for Zenith 32NDIX Carburetors. Two required.
Carburetor Spring, All 356's (50-65)
Part Number: 616.100.810.00
Carburetor spring for all 356 (1950-1965) models. Four needed per car.
Carburetor Stud (Weber IDA)
Part Number: SMC.000.002.12
Weber IDA carburetor stud.
Carburetor to Manifold Gasket, all 356's (50-65)
Part Number: 597.108.310.02
Caburetor to manifold gasket for 356, 356A, 356B and 356C models (1950-1965). This item fits Zenith 32NDIX carburetors. Two required.
Carburetor Washer, All 356's/912 (50-69)
Part Number: 616.108.423.00
Carburetor washer for all 356's and early 912 models.
Circlip, All 356's/912 (50-69)
Part Number: 999.041.001.01
Circlip for all 356 (1950-1965) and 912 (1965-1969) models.
Cover Plate Bolt O-Ring, Zenith 32 NDIX
Part Number: 616.100.840.00
O-ring for the bolt to the cover plate on Zenith 32 NDIX carburetors,
Dowel Pin, 8mm x 10mm
Part Number: 900.197.010.00
Dowel pin for shifters for all models.
Electric Fuel Pump, 12 Volt, All 356/912 (50-69)
Part Number: 616.108.005.01
Electric 12 volt fuel pump for all 356's (1950-1969) and 912 (1965-1969) models.
Fiber Spacer & Gaskets, 356/356A/B
Part Number: 616.108.440.00
Insulating fiber spacer with gaskets for 356 (1950-1955), 356A (1955-1959), and B with early fuel pump.
Flapper Box Repair Set (Double)
Part Number: 616.106.002.00
Double flapper box repair set.
Flapper Box Repair Set (Single)
Part Number: 616.106.001.00
Single flapper box repair set.
Float Pivot Arm (Weber IDA)
Part Number: SMC.000.002.10
Weber IDA float pivot arm.
Float, All 356's (50-65)
Part Number: 616.100.823.01
Float for all 356 models. Years 1950-1965. This float is only compatible with models with Zenith NDIX Carburetors.
Fuel Filter Insert, 356 Pre A (50-55)
Part Number: 539.108.909.00
Fuel filter insert for 356 Pre-A (1950-1955) models.
Fuel Line Grommet, 356/356A
Part Number: 539.06.528
Grommet for fuel line and choke wire on 356 and 356A (1950-1959) models.
Fuel Line, All 356's (50-65)
Part Number: NLA.108.055.03
Fuel Line from late pump to solex carburetor.
Fuel Pre-Pump, 356/912/911
Part Number: SMC.000.916
Fuel pre-pump for all models. It is designed to work as a pre-pump in 6 Volt systems or as a pump with higher fuel flow in 12 Volt systems. This pump is used to work in addition to your existing mechanical fuel pump.
Fuel Pump Bottom Plate, All 356's
Part Number: 616.106.831.00
Plate under fuel pump for all 356 models.
Fuel Pump Lever, 356/356A (50-59)
Part Number: 616.108.429.00
Fuel Pump Lever for early 356 Pre-A and 356 A models. Years 1950-1959.
Fuel Pump O-Ring, All 356's/912
Part Number: 999.701.043.50
This is the O-ring that goes on the bottom of the fuel pump and the fiber isolation block.
Fuel Pump Pivot Pin, All 356's (50-65)
Part Number: 616.108.430.00
Fuel pump pivot pin for all 356 models. Years 1950-1965.
Fuel Pump Pressure Spring, 356/356A (50-59)
Part Number:616.108.431.00
Pressure Spring for fuel pump. 356 Pre-A and 356 A models. Years 1950-1959.
Fuel Pump Screw Set, All 356's (50-65)
Part Number: NLA.108.100.00
Machine screw set for fuel pump fits all 356 models (1950-1965).
Guide Tube Oil Dipstick, All 356's/912 (50-69)
Part Number: 539.07.748
Guide Tube Oil Dipstick for all 356 models, years 1950-1965 and 912 models, years 1965-1969.
Hose Clamp (9.5mm-12mm)
Part Number: 999.512.055.02
Hose clamp with a 9.5mm-12mm range.
Manifold to Head Gasket, Solex 40PII-4
Part Number: 616.108.905.00
Manifold base to head gasket. Two required per engine.
Mechanical Fuel Pump, 356/356A/356B(Early)
Part Number: 616.108.401.X1
This is the early version fuel pump.
Needle Valve Plug (Weber IDA)
Part Number: SMC.000.002.11
Weber IDA needle valve plug.
Oil Line Engine Case Filter Intake, 356 Pre-A (50-55)
Part Number: 528.07.818
Oil Line Engine Case Filter Intake for 356 Pre-A Models. Years 1950-1955.
Oil Pressure Kit, 356 Pre-A (50-55)
Part Number: SMC.528.01.133
Oil Pressure Kit for 356 Pre-A Models. Years 1950-1955.
Oil Pressure Kit, All 356's/Spyder (50-65)
Part Number: 547.07.113S
Oil pressure kit - 547-692/0. CNC machined, zinc plated and stainless steel piston. Complete with correct spring. For 356 Carrera 1500/1600 engines and 550 Spyder models.
Oil Pump Drive Shaft, 356 (50-63)
Part Number: 539.070.14
Oil pump drive shaft for 356 (1950-1963) models.
Oil Pump, 356/356A (55-59)
Part Number: SMC.539.071.20
Complete oil pump for 356 Pre-A models with 2 piece engine (1950-1955) and 356A models (1955-1959). This is a brand new part CNC machined from high quality alloy. Oil pump is for the 3 piece engines with the separate oil pump.
Operating Shaft With Flaps, All 356's (50-65)
Part Number: 546.06.065
Operating shaft with flaps for all 356 (1950-1965) models.
Pierburg Fuel Pump Diaphragm, 356B/356C/912
Part Number: 5354
Pierburg fuel pump diaphragm that is an exact reproduction and perfect for concours shows!
Pivot Ball For Cross Shaft, Linkage
Part Number: 999.167.012.02
Pivot ball for cross shaft, 2 req'd. Fits Zenith 32NDIX & Solex 40PII-4.
Was: $16.50
Now: $13.20
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Rubber Insert, All 356's (50-65)
Part Number: 644.201.243.00
Rubber insert for 356, 356A, 356B and 356C models.
Shaft Repair Kit, All 356's (50-65)
Part Number: 546.06.066
Operating shaft repair kit for all 356 (1950-1965) models.
Solex EIS/Kadron Mesh Air Cleaner
Part Number: CA-004D
This mesh air filter cleaner is a perfect fit for the single barrel Zenith carburetors and is a direct replacement for the Solex 40/44 EIS series for all 356's models. Cleaner has one 2 5/8" opening.
Was: $127.92
Now: $99.50
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Throttle Ball Socket, RH Threaded, 356's/911/912 (50-77)
Part Number: N.015.521.3
Throttle rod ball socket for all 356, 911 and 912 models (1950-1977).
Throttle Shaft, 356 Pre-A/356A (50-59)
Part Number: 616.100.741.00
Throttle shaft for 356 Pre-A (1950-1955) and 356A (1955-1959) models. Throttle shaft 40 PICB. For the Pre-A and 356 At1 with the 1500 S engine. This is shaft is CNC machined and black zinc plated.
Weber 40/44 IDF Mesh Air Cleaner
Part Number: CA-026D
Weber mesh air cleaner for 40/44 IDF carburetors for all 356's models. Cleaner has two 1 7/8" circular openings and one 1 3/8" x 1 1/8" rectangular opening.
Was: $138.92
Now: $106.15
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Weber Main Jets
Part Number: SMC.000.008
Main Jets for Weber IDF/IDA. Set of six.
Zenith 32 & Solex 40 PJCB Air Cleaner
Part Number: 616.08.108
KNECHT air filter for the Zenith 32 and Solex 40 PJCB carburetors. Height 80 mm x diameter 130 mm x intake diameter 66 mm. Special fine dust filter permanently inside. The filter can be washed with cleaning solvent. Perfect reproduction with the "KNECHT Sport" logo. Clamps are included.