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Molding Trim Clip
Part Number: 999.591.302.02
Clip for trim molding.
Rocker Deco Molding, 356/356A
Part Number: 644.559.011.00
Rocker deco molding with rubber base, rubber insert and hardware which fits the 356 and 356A models.
Rocker Deco Base Gasket, 356/356A
Part Number: 644.559.131.00
Three piece rocker deco base for 356 Pre-A and 356A models.
Rocker Deco Insert, 356/356A
Part Number: NLA.559.011.00
Rubber insert for the 34mm rocker deco on 356 Pre-A and 356A models. Two required.
Bumper Bracket Hexagon Bolt & Washer Set
Part Number: SMC.000.891
Hexagon-headed bumper bracket bolt and waster set fits 356 and 356A models (1950-1959).
Grommet, 356/356A
Part Number: 644.505.171.00
Grommet for protection tube supports on 356 and 356A models. Four required.
Rear Grommet, Round, 356/356A
Part Number: 644.505.291.01
Round grommet for rear protection tube inner end on 356 and 356A models.