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Soft Top Handle, All 356's (50-65)
Part Number: 356.51.877
Soft top handle for all 356 (1950-1965) models.
Tenax Spanner Tool, All 356's/911/912 (50-73)
Part Number: 999.591.607.13
Tenax spanner tool for all 356 (1950-1965) and 911/912 (1965-1973) models.
Windshield, Two Piece Set, 356 Pre-A (50-52)
Part Number: 356.57.101
Two piece split windshield set for 356 Pre-A Coupe and Cabriolet models (1950-1952). This an old production with the correct SIGLA stamp. One set available only.
Windshield, Bent, 356 Pre-A (53-55)
Part Number: 356.57.108
Bent windshield for 356 Pre-A (1953-1955) Coupe and Cabriolet models.
Cabriolet Top, 356 Cabriolet
Part Number: SMC.000.311
Custom order. ETA 1-2 weeks.
Top Boot, 356 Cabriolet (50-65)
Part Number: SMC.000.321
Custom order. ETA 1-2 weeks.
Front Wood Bow, 356 Cabriolet (55-65)
Part Number: 644.561.501.00
Quality hardwood front header bow for Cabriolet models.
Tack Strips, Wood, 356/356A
Part Number: 356.51.629.1
Currently unavailable
Cabriolet Top Trim, Above Window, (52"), Upper, 356 Pre-A
Part Number: NLA.561.871.00

Excellent reproduction front trim for above the windshield on 356 Pre-A models.
Removable Hardtop Seal, All 356's
Part Number: 644.563.905.00
Temporarily unavailable
Top Padding Kit, Convertible Top (53-65)
Part Number: SMC.000.315
Custom order. ETA 1-2 weeks.
Speedster Window Curtain Set
Part Number: 356.531.001.05
Concours quality reproduction Speedster curtain Set. Perfect in every respect using the original German material! Original curtains were vinyl on both sides and it matched the door panel vinyl material. Although canvas material is popular among Speedster owners, it's not original. Storage vinyl bag is included.
Cabriolet Top ''Nailer'' Trim, 36'', 356A/356B/356C (59-65)
Part Number: 644.561.881.00
High qality polished aluminum strip. Measures 36 inches.
Was: $285.50
Now: $259.95
On Sale
Cabriolet Top Rear Side Window Trim (14"), 356 Cabriolet
Part Number: 644.561.877.01
Excellent trim for rear of side windows on all 356 Cabriolet models. Two required. This part supersedes 644.561.877.00.
Cabriolet Top Trim, Below Window, (78"), Lower, 356 Pre-A
Part Number: NLA.561.875.00
Currently unavailable
Cabriolet Top Latch, All 356's
Part Number: 644.561.891.02
Top latch with stainless steel hook for all 356 Cabriolet soft and hard tops (1950-1965). Three required.
Metal Curtain Post Set, Speedster
Part Number: SMC.531.001.05
Metal post set for the window curtain. Fits Speedster (1954-1958) models. Four included.
Windshield Tension Rod, Cabriolet (50-65)
Part Number: 644.541.231.20
Tension rod for windshield on all 356 Cabriolet models.
Windshield to Cabriolet Top Seal, All 356's
Part Number: 644.561.931.20
Original grey color seal fits all Cabriolets!
Cabriolet Tension Rod Rubber Plug
Part Number: 644.025.675.00
Fits all Cabriolet models.
Wood Column Set, 356 Cabriolet
Part Number: 644.561.055.00
Wood column set for all 356 Cabriolets.
Holding Rail Set, Cabriolet/Convertible D/Roadster
Part Number: 644.542.950.00
Aluminum holding rail set for side window seals on 356 Cabriolet, Convertible D and Roadster models. One set per car.
Door Seal, Black, 356 Cabriolet
Part Number: 644.542.095.20
Black door seal for all 356 Cabriolet models with convertible tops. Two required; one per door. Seal will need to be cut prior to installation.
Screw Set, Holding Rail, 356 Cabriolets
Part Number: 644.542.002.00
Screw set for aluminum holding rail set on all 356 Cabriolets.
Tenax Fastener Bolt, Chrome
Part Number: 999.591.604.12
Chrome Tenax fastener bolt. Made in Germany. Measures 5mm x 10mm.
Tenax Fastener Cap, Brass
Part Number: SMC.001.949
Tenax fastener brass cap. Made in Germany.
Tenax Fastener Clear Plastic Washer
Part Number: 999.031.054.40
Tenax fastener clear plastic washer.
Tenax Fastener Stud, Chrome, 356B/356C (60-65)
Part Number: 999.591.602.12
Tenax fasteners (stud only) in chrome. Clear plastic washer is included. Made in Germany.
Tenax Fasteners, Cap, Chrome
Part Number: SMC.000.949
Tenax fasteners chrome cap. Made in Germany.
Fastener, Cap
Part Number: SMC.001.928
Fastener cap for Top cover, Tonneau cover, trunk carpet and other applications. Installation required.
Fastener, Stud
Part Number: SMC.000.918
Fastener Stud for top cover, tonneau, trunk carpet and other applications. Installation required.