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Ashtray, 356 Pre-A (50-55)
Part Number: 356.70.020.A
Ashtray for 356 Pre-A models. Years 1950-1955.
Becker Loudspeaker Plug
Part Number: SMC.311.20
Loudspeaker plug for all Becker radios.
Blaupunkt Radio Shaft Chrome Nut Set
Part Number: SMC.361.02
Set of two chrome nuts used to fix the radio shafts on Blaupunkt radio models.
Blaupunkt Universal Push Through Trim Plate
Part Number: SMC.331.20
Blaupunkt universal push through trim plate in the color Chrome #307.
Bosch Ignition Switch with Keys
Part Number: 644.613.101.01
Bosch ignition switch with two keys for models with an independent starter button or a three step (off/on/starter) switch. This is a replacement switch and it's not like the original.
Was: $68.09
Now: $63.19
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Chrome Bezel, Ignition Switch, 356/356A(T1)
Part Number: 644.613.191.00
Chrome bezel for ignition switch for 356 and 356A(T1) models.
Cigarette Lighter Adapter Plug
Part Number: 901.613.801.00
Replacement terminal adapter plug for electrical units with metal fitting and screw in terminal.
Dashboard Bezel Tool, All 356's (50-65)
Part Number: SMC.000.356.01
Dashboard bezel tool for all 356 (1950-1965) models.
Was: $14.11
Now: $9.97
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Four Way Dashboard Tool
Part Number: SMC.935.701
Four way dashboard tool used to install and remove switch rings.
Glove Box Tension Strap, All 356's (50-65)
Part Number: 644.552.531.00
Glove box tension strap for all 356 models. Years 1950-1965.
Hella Fog Light Switch
Part Number: 4778001
Hella pull-out switch with internal light. Includes red, orange or green lenses to choose from. Great for fog or driving lights, or any other application.
Was: $20.85
Now: $18.43
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Ignition Switch Key Blank (Bosch # 0-342-309-003)
Part Number: 644.613.901.00
Blank key for Bosch ignition switch #644.613.101.01 on all 356 (1950-1965) models.
Negative Ground 6V to 12V Converter, All 356's (50-65)
Part Number: SMC.230.367
Negative ground converter for 6V to 12V. For all 356's, years 1950-1965.
RetroSound Classic Style Radio, Hermosa, 356's
Part Number: SMC.230.365.01
This radio maintains the old style in-dash mounting required for our beloved German Classics while offering all of the latest modern conveniences.
RetroSound Classic Style Radio, Hermosa, Becker Style
Part Number: SMC.230.365.00
This radio maintains the old style in-dash mounting required for our beloved German Classics while offering all of the latest modern conveniences.
RetroSound Classic Style Radio, Hermosa, Euro Style
Part Number: SMC.230.365

RetroSound Long Beach Radio, 356's
Part Number: SMC.230.366.01
This radio maintains the old style in-dash mounting required for our beloved German Classics while offering all of the latest modern conveniences.
Speaker & Grille, 356A/356B(T5)
Part Number: SMC.600.003
Great reproduction speaker & grille set. The rim is chrome and the screen is specially plated. A final Concours touch! Price includes the speaker and grille. Two required per car.
Speedo Cable Grommet, All 356's (50-65)
Part Number: 644.741.121.00
Speedometer cable grommet for all 356 models.
Was: $3.36
Now: $2.95
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Speedometer Cable Cotter Pin (50-65)
Part Number: 900.021.006.00
Cotter pin for the speedometer cable on all 356 models (1950-1965).
Speedometer Cable, All 356's (50-65)
Part Number: 644.741.111.00
Speedometer cable for all 356 models (1950-1965).
Was: $75.35
Now: $50.95
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Tach and Speedo Cable Clamp, All 356's (50-65)
Part Number: 999.511.036.02
Tach and Speedo cable clamp for all 356 models (1950-1965). Two required.
Tachometer Cable, All 356's (50-65)
Part Number: SMC.741.311.01
This tachometer cable plastic cover and not braided steel like the original cable but it does the job. It fits all 356's (1950-1965) models.
Tachometer Cable, All 356's (50-65)
Part Number: 644.741.311.01
Tachometer cable, original specification with braided steel covering & rubber dampening sleeve. Fits all 356 (1950-1965) models with mechanical tachometers.
Tachometer Cable, Insert, All 356's (50-65)
Part Number: 644.741.903.00
Insert for tachometer cable. Fits 356 (1950-1955), 356A (1955-1959), 356B (1960-1963) and 356C (1964-1965) models.
Turn Signal Switch Knob , 356A, Black
Part Number: 644.552.853.00
Turn signal switch knob for 356A (1955-1959) models. Non-threaded, 38mm in length. One required per car.
Was: $35.19
Now: $18.56
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Turn Signal Switch, 356A (55-59)
Part Number: 644.613.301.00
Turn signal switch for 356A (1955-1959) models.
Dash and Door Beading Kit, Speedster (54-58)
Part Number: 644.555.300.40
High quality aluminum dash and door trim kit for Speedster models. Six pieces are included in the kit.
Dash Control Light Set
Part Number: 356.61.073
356 dash control lights also known as "idiot lights". Lights (green, red and blue) installed between the speedometer and tachometer for all 356 Pre A & Speedster models up to 1955. Lights come with washers, light bulb and ground connection. These lights were also used on later cars as fog and heated windscreen indicator lights.
Dash Facia Sheet Metal, All 356's (50-65)
Part Number: SMC.000.419
Custom order. ETA 1-2 weeks.
Glove Box, 356 Pre-A
Part Number: 356.70.123
Excellent reproduction glove box for 356 Pre-A models.
Dash Dial Gauge Eyebrow, Large, 356 (50-55)
Part Number: 356.70.424
Dash dial gauge eyebrow, large, for 356 (1950-1955) models.
Dash Dial Gauge Eyebrow, Small, 356 (50-55)
Part Number: 356.70.426
Dash dial gauge eyebrow, small, for 356 (1950-1955) models.
Wood Dash "Eyebrow" Instrument Shade
Part Number: 644.552.311.40
Custom order. ETA 1-2 weeks.
Dash Covering, All 356's (50-65)
Part Number: SMC.000.392
Custom order. 1-2 weeks.
Radio Bracket, Speedster/Roadster
Part Number: NLA.645.006.00
This reproduction bracket will allow most period Blaupunkt radios to be mounted.
Radio Plate, Becker, all 356's (50-65)
Part Number: 644.645.007.10
Frosted Becker radio face plate for 356, 356A, 356B and 356C models (1950-1965).
Radio Plate, Becker, all 356's (50-65)
Part Number: 644.645.007.00
Becker radio face plate with cross hatched pattern for 356, 356A, 356B and 356C models (1950-1965).
356 Dashboard Shim Set, 356 (50-55)
Part Number: SMC.70.126
Aluminum 356 pre-A dashboard shim set. It fits all 356's with removable dashes. They go on both ends of the dashboard and also the frame. One set per car.
Dash Grab Handle (54-62)
Part Number: 644.552.865.40
Dash grab handle for Speedster, Convertible D and Roadster models.
Hand Throttle Switch Knob, 356/356A
Part Number: 644.552.820.04
M5 medium brass hand throttle. Measures 22.5mm at widest diameter and 27mm tall.
Radio Knob, 356/356A (50-59)
Part Number: 644.645.013.00
Radio knob for 356 Pre-A (1950-1955) and 356A (1955-1959) models with Blaupunkt radios. Two required.
Glove Box Installation Kit, All 356's (55-65)
Part Number: 644.552.005.00
Glove box installation kit for 356 (1950-1955), 356A (1955-1960), 356B (1960-1963) and 356C (1964-1965) models.
Chrome Bezel, Wiper Switch
Part Number: 644.613.128.00
Chrome wiper switch bezel for 356, 356A, Speedster, and Spyder models (1950-1959).
Dash Vent Seal, 356 Pre-A (50-55)
Part Number: 356.49.941
Dash vent seal for 356 Pre-A models (1950-1955).
Radio Trim, 356 (51-54)
Part Number: 356.70.421
Polished aluminum radio trim for center dash for 356 models (1951-1954).
Hanger for Blaupunkt Radios, All 356's
Part Number: 644.645.012.00
Hanger for all 356 (1950-1965) Blaupunkt radios.
Blaupunkt Radio Shaft Plastic Nut Set
Part Number: SMC.361.46
Set of two plastic nuts for Blaupunkt radio shafts.
Defroster Vent Cover, Speedster (54-58)
Part Number: 644.552.411.40
Defroster vent cover for Speedster models. Two required.
Loudspeaker Plug Set
Part Number: SMC.361.49
Set of two loudspeaker plugs that will work for many different radios.
Radio Shaft Nuts & Spacers
Part Number: 644.645.011.00
Shaft nuts and spacers for your 356 radios.
Glove Box Lid Buffer, 356/356A/356B
Part Number: 644.025.631.00
Buffer for glove box lid on 356 Pre-A, 356A and 356B models. Four required.
Carpet Material, One Yard
Part Number: SMC.000.982
Carpet material for any year or model. Domestic or German. Sold by the running yard.