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Copper Seal Ring, 10mm x 15mm
Part Number: N.013.806.2
Copper seal ring measuring 10mm x 15mm x 1mm.
Door Frame Screw Set (Cabriolet)
Part Number: NLA.541.005.00
Eight stainless machine screws. One set per door.
Door Frame Screw Set (Coupe)
Part Number: NLA.541.004.00
Sixteen stainless machine screws. One set per car.
Door Lock Mechanism Slotted Screw Kit, 356/356A
Part Number: 644.531.053.55
Slotted screws kit to secured the lock mechanism to the door. Twelve screws per kit. One set per car.
Door Panel Bolt Set, All 356's
Part Number: SMC.542.481.00
One kit per car.
Engine Ducting Screw & Washer Set, All 356's/912
Part Number: 644.369.002.00
Pan-head engine shroud screw with washer for 356, 356A, 356B, 356C and 912 (1950-1969) models.
Fiber Washer
Part Number: SMC.503.001.55
Fiber washer. Thickness: 2.3mm Outer diameter: 18.2mm Inner diameter: 5.6mm.
Front Hood Hardware Kit, All 356's (50-65)
Part Number: SMC.511.031.55
Front hood installation hexagon bolts and nuts set. Fits 356 (1950-1955), 356A (1955-1959), 356B (1960-1963) and 356C (1964-1965) models. One kit per car.
Grab Handle Screw Kit, 356 Pre-A (50-55)
Part Number: NLA.552.004.00
Grab handle screw kit for 356 Pre-A (1950-1955) models.
Headlight Weld Nut, 6mm, All 356's
Part Number: 999.505.103.00
6mm headlight attachment weld nut for all 356 models. Two required.
Headlight Weld Nut, 8mm, All 356's
Part Number: 999.505.104.00
8mm headlight attachment weld nut for all 356 models. Quantity as required.
Hex Nut, M8 x 1.25mm
Part Number: N.011.008.8
M8 x 1.25mm hex nut used throughout the car.
Hexagon Bolt (12mm x 30mm)
Part Number: 900.083.023.01
M12 x 1.5 x 30 hexagon bolt. This bolt is used in many different Porsche models over the years and for many different applications including: brake, suspension and steering.
Hexagon Nut, 356 Pre-A (50-55)
Part Number: 502.08.310.10
Hexagon Nut M8 SW14 for 365 Pre-A Models, Years 1950-1955 (10 PIECE).
Hood Hinge Bolt Kit, All 356's (50-65)
Part Number: SMC.511.032.00
Hood hinge bolt kit includes washers, split washers, nuts and bolts. Fits 356, 356A, 356B and 356C models (1950-1965).
Hood Hinge Repair Kit, All 356's
Part Number: SMC.511.031.00
Front and rear hood hinge repair kit for all 356 models. Includes starwheel and spacers to repair hinge mechanism, includes hood hinge bolt kit #SMC.511.032.00. One kit per hinge.
Jack Holder Bracket, 356/356A/356B(T5)
Part Number: 644.501.093.00
No longer available
License Plate Mounts, 356/356A (50-59)
Part Number: 356.58.140
License plate mounts for front bumper. Complete hardware kit included.
Molding Trim Clip
Part Number: 999.591.302.02
Clip for trim molding.
Molding Trim Hardware Set
Part Number: 644.559.004.00
Hardware set for side trim molding on Coupes, Speedster, Convertible D and Roadster models. One set per car.
Perimeter Kit For Floor Pan Installation
Part Number: 644.501.059.00
Perimeter angle kit for floor pan installation on all 356 models.
Plated Metric Hardware Set, 490 Pieces
Part Number: SMC.196.400.57
490 piece Metric Hardware Set.
Rear Back Panel Hardware Set (50-65)
Part Number: 644.531.003.01
This is everything you will need to correctly install your 356 interior rear panel. Hardware kit includes nails, washers and clips. Fits all 356 models.
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Screw Set, Holding Rail, 356 Cabriolets
Part Number: 644.542.002.00
Screw set for aluminum holding rail set on all 356 Cabriolets.
Seat Mount Kit, 356/356A/356B(T5)
Part Number: SMC.501.054.00
Front seat mount pair for 356, 356A and 356B(T5) models.
Seat Rail Screw Set, 356/356A/356B(T5)
Part Number: 644.521.007.00
Seat rail screw set for 356, 356A and 356B(T5) models. Twenty stainless steel slotted flat machine screws. One set per car.
Seat Recliner Screw Set, 356/356A
Part Number: 644.521.009.00
Stainless slotted oval head screw set. One set per car
Shift Link Inspection Cover Screw Set, All 356's
Part Number: 644.504.002.00
Two slotted oval head screw with two washers for all 356 models.
Stainless Steel Screw Kit for Threshold Trim, 356 (50-55)
Part Number: 644.551.004.00
Stainless steel slot head screw kit for the threshold in all 356 Pre-A (1950-1955) models.
T-Bolt with Hardware
Part Number: 644.559.171.41
Fits: Speedster, Convertible D, Roadster. Also optional on coupes and cabriolets.
Threshold Screw Set, #1, All 356's (50-65)
Part Number: 644.551.001.00
Threshold screw set #1 for both doors. Fits all 356 models (1950-1965). Forty four screws per set. One set needed per car.
Torsion Bar Cover, All 356's (50-65)
Part Number: SMC.504.079.00
Torsion bar cover for 356, 356A, 356B and 356C models. Two required.
Upper Hood Latch Repair Kit, 356/356A/356B (50-63)
Part Number: 644.511.053.01
Upper Hood Latch Repair Kit for 356 (1950-1955), 356A (1955-1959) and 356B (1960-1963) models.
Window Frame Screw Set (Roadster & Convertible D)
Part Number: NLA.541.041.00
18 Stainless steel correct lengh screws. One set per car.
Windshield Frame Screw Set (Speedster)
Part Number: 644.541.040.00
Proper length stainless steel screws for assembly of windshield frame to post and top latch screws.
Yellow Zinc Metric Hexagon Head Bolt Set
Part Number: SMC.012.007.11
Yellow zinc coated metric hexagon head bolt set.