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Shift Boot, 356B/356C/911/912/914
Part Number: 914.424.901.00
Rubber shift knob boot for 356B (1960-1963), 356C (1964-1965), 911 (1965-1972), 912 (1965-1969), and 914 (1970-1976) models.
Shift Rod Seal, 356B/356C/914-4 (60-73)
Part Number: 900.112.001.50
Oil seal. Fits 741 transmissions. Also used on 716 trans
Tunnel Carpet Mat, All 356's (50-65)
Part Number: SMC.551.111.10
Custom order. ETA 1-2 weeks.
Tunnel Rubber Mat, 356BT5/T6 (60-63)
Part Number: 644.551.111.05
Concours correct center tunnel rubber mat for 356B(T5) and 356B(T6) models (1960-1963).
Shift Knob, 356B/356C/911/912 (60-67)
Part Number: 695.424.191.00
Finally, a correct reproduction of the late 356, early 911/912 shift knob. Reproduced in black plastic to original specs down to the dimple in the top.
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Heater Knob (356AT2/Early 356BT5)
Part Number: SMC.424.791.00
Short black plastic knob for the floor heater control. It fits up to early 356B(T5) models. For later 356B model please see part number 695.424.791.00. Dowel pin part #900.197.010.00 is not included.
Heater Knob, Late 356B(T5)/356B(T6)
Part Number: 695.424.791.00
Tall version black plastic knob for the floor heater control. It fits late 356B(T5) and 356B(T6) models. Dowel pin part #900.197.010.00 is not included.
Shift Cap, 356B(T6)/356C (62-65)
Part Number: 695.424.251.01
Lock cover cap for the shifter on 356B(T6) and 356C models (1962-1965).