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Button Cell Battery, CR2025
Part Number: 55.8601.030
Button cell battery. CR2025.
Door Lock Pull Rod Support, Rear
Part Number: 911.531.099.00
Two required.
Door Lock Push Button Set, 911 (65-76)
Part Number: 901.631.671.21
Black plastic door lock push button set for 911/912 (1965-1976) models.
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Door Support, 911/930/964/993 (74-98)
Part Number: 911.531.097.00
Support bracket for door bowden cable for 911, 930, 964 and 993 (1974-1998) models.
First Key Service
Part Number: SMC.KEY.02
Many of the original locks available as replacement parts do not have keys with them. By requesting a first key, we can create a key that operates the lock. The key is the same as the one that operated the lock when it was assembled at the factory. We can provide first keys for all locks, including ignitions, door locks, glove compartment locks and hood locks. This service is available for locks from the earliest 356 to cars through the early 1990s. Pricing will vary depending on the lock and model. Pricing for First Key Service will vary by lock. Please inquire.
Key By Code Service
Part Number: SMC.KEY.01
All locks are assigned a code at the factory. The code indicates the cut sequence for the key that operates the lock. If you know the code for your lock, we can generate a new key that matches the code. The cuts on the new key will be the same as the original factory key created to operate with your code. Codes can be found etched into the tailpiece of the door lock or on a small piece of paper stuck on the ignition lock. Pricing will vary for keys with cuts on one side or both sides of the key. Note that early keys are “single-sided” with cuts only on one side of the key, and later keys are “double-sided” with cuts on both sides. In order to make a key by code for a double sided key, it will be necessary to purchase two key blanks.
Key Duplication Service
Part Number: SMC.KEY.04
We can provide you with a new duplicate key of your existing key. You will need to provide us a copy of your original cut key, and we will copy the cuts from your key onto a new key blank. We will duplicate your key using a properly calibrated German key duplication machine. We recommend sending your key blank in a padded envelope or small box.
Key Light Battery V625U, 911/928/944/968 (78-98)
Part Number: PNA.869.246
Key Battery V625U for 911 (1965-1998), 928 (1978-1991, 1993-1995), 944 (1983-1991) and 968 (1995-1995) models.
Complete Door Handle Set, 911 (70-77)
Part Number: PCG.531.060.00
Complete chrome door handle set with locks and matching keys. One kit per car.
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Door Lock Cylinder with Keys (65-94)
Part Number: 911.531.943.00
Currently unavailable
Door Lock Cylinder with Keys (70-89)
Part Number: 911.531.944.00
Right side lock cylinder with 2 keys for 911, 912, 912E and 930 models.
Door & Ignition Key Blank, 911/912 (65-69)
Part Number: 901.722.314.09
Blank engine and door key for 911 and 912 (1965-1969) models with steering locks.
Door & Ignition Key Blank, 911/912 (65-69)
Part Number: 644.613.901.02
Key blank for door and ignition. Fits 911/912 (1965-1969) models without steering column lock.
Engine & Door Key Blank, 911/914/930/912E
Part Number: SMC.531.903.10
Aftermarket blank plastic handle key.
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Engine & Door Key Blank, 911/914/930/912E
Part Number: 914.531.903.10
Blank engine and door key. It fits 911 (1970-1989), 930 (1976-1989), 914 (1970-1976), 912E (1976) and C2/C4 (1989-2004). However, it's correct for models up to 1976.
Engine & Door Key Blank (Illuminated), 911/912E/914/930
Part Number: SMC.538.000
Illuminated engine and door blank key for 911, 912E, 914 and 930 models (1970-1998).
Red Valet Key Blank, 911/914/930/912E
Part Number: 914.531.903.11
Red valet key. It fits 911 (1970-1989), 930 (1976-1989), 914 (1970-1976), 912E (1976) and C2/C4 (1989-2004). However, it's correct for all models up to 1976.
Door Lock Cylinder Seal, 911/912 (65-69)
Part Number: SMC.531.061.00
Door lock cylinder seal for 911 and 912 models. Two required.