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"How To Make Your Car Handle", Book
Part Number: 903184
Currently Unavailable
101 Projects for Your Porsche® 911 by Wayne R. Dempsey
Part Number: SMC.131.569.00
Created with the weekend mechanic in mind, this illustrated manual offers 101 projects that will help you maintain, restore, modify and enhance your 911.
1969 Porsche® Tourist Delivery Brochure
Part Number: SMC.000.208
No longer available
911 Engine Rebuild Book (65-89)
Part Number: 913906
Illustrated manual offers all the technical information, tips, tricks, and know-how required to rebuild and enhance your 911 engine.
911 Owner's Workshop Manual, (64-69)
Part Number: 978-0-8376-121
Currently unavailable
911 Performance Handbook By Bruce Anderson
Part Number: 145389
Written by Bruce Anderson, this 254 page book shows you how to choose, install, tune and maintain performance equipment on your 911 models. Some items include the Turbo, wheel and tire improvement, brake modification and much more!
911/912 Restoration Guide Book (64-73)
Part Number: 75800
Accurate chassis number and color listings included!
911/912/930 Restoration Guide Book (74-89)
Part Number: 75802
Accurate chassis number and color listings included!
912 Handbook
Part Number: 901273
This is the most complete service manual available for the 912 owner!
Battle for the Beetle Book by Karl Ludvigsen
Part Number: 978-0-8376-169
The untold story of the post-war battle for Adolf Hitler's giant Volkswagen factory and the Porsche-designed car that became an icon for generations around the globe.
Comprehensive Parts Manual
Part Number: SMC.000.467
Comprehensive factory manual for each of the following models listed below. Each manual comes in a 3-ring binder with a table of contents and page dividers for ease of use. A must-have for knowing all the ins and outs of your Porsche. 356 Pre-A/356 A (1950-1959) 356 B/356 C (1960-1965) 911/912 (1965-1969) 911 (1970-1973) 911 (1974-1977) 911 (1978-1983) 911 (1984-1986) 911 (1987-1989) 914 (1970-1976) 924 (1976-1979) 924 (1980-1985) 924S (1986-1988) 928 (1978-1982) 928 (1983-1986) 928 (1987-1991) 928 (1992-1995) 944 (1985-1988) 964 (1989-1994) 968 (1992-1995) 993 (1994-1998) 996 (1998-2005) 997 (2005-2008) 997 (2009) 997 GT3 (2006-2010)
Derek Bell: All My Porsche Races
Part Number: 978-1-907085-65-9
Derek Bell: All my Porsche races by Derek Bell and Richard Heseltine. This 276-page book describes what it was like during Derek's successful years as a Porsche racecar driver. This book is a classic tale of what it was like during a Golden Era for Porsche. "That first season of sportscars back in 1971 was a lifeline on so many levels. It proved that there was a world outside of Grand Prix racing, and one that I came to embrace".
Factory Facts Brochure, 911/912 (1969)
Part Number: SMC.000.105
No longer available
Haynes Detailing Manual
Part Number: SMC.000.981
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This techbook belongs in every garage!
Haynes Repair Manual, 911 (65-89)
Part Number: 103995
From a simple tune-up to a complete engine overhaul, this is the book you will need. Hundreds of photos, wiring diagrams and drawings to help you out!
High-Performance Driving Handbook (1st Edition)
Part Number: 903675
Currently Unavailable
Illustrated Buyers Guide Book
Part Number: 903274
No longer available
Peter Zimmermann’s Used 911 Story, 9th Edition
Part Number: 75827
With The Used 911 Story, 9th Edition, author Peter Zimmermann provides a truly comprehensive resource to guide you through the process of purchasing one of these amazing sports cars.
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Porsche: Gli anni d'oro/The Golden Years
Part Number: 978-88-7911-701-2
Porsche: Gli anni d'oro/The golden years by Leonardo Acerbi. This book goes into great detail examining the full history of this legendary car company and contains previously unpublished images by Franco Villani. A recommended book on most Porsche literature enthusiasts list of must-reads.
Porsche® Origin of the Species book by Karl Ludvigsen
Part Number: GPGC

Was: $122.35
Now: $109.91
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Porsche® Photo Essay Book
Part Number: SMC.356.911.00
Porsche® Photo Essay book with photos by Khomei Hanaoka and text by Jurgen Lewandowski.
Powered By Porsche®​ The Alternative Race Cars Book by Roy Smith
Part Number: 978-1-845849-90-0
A study of other marques that used Porsche engines for racing success. Hardcover. Limited edition.
Repair Manual, 911 (64-73)
Part Number: 915349
It details service procedures such as engine oil changing, engine removal, carburetor and fuel injection tuning and cleaning, adjusting valves, bleeding brakes and clutch, and suspension repair.
Restoration and Purchase Guide Book, 911/912/930
Part Number: 128107
Long Term Back Order
700 step-by-step photos to help you restore your 911, 912 or 930 models.
The Complete Book of Porsche 911: Every Model Since 1964
Part Number: 978-0-7603-6503-8
The complete book of Porsche 911: Every Model Since 1964
U.S. Route 395: Travel the "Three Flags Highway" in a Classic Sports Car
Part Number: SMC.000.002.21
Travel the "Three Flags Highway" in a Classic Sports Car.
U.S. Route 95: Travel America's "Desolation Highway" In A Classic 1969 Porsche 912
Part Number: SMC.000.002.22
Travel America's "Desolation Highway" In A Classic 1969 Porsche 912.
U.S. Route 99: Travel America's Golden Highway in a Classic 1969 Porsche 912
Part Number: SMC.000.002.20
Travel America's "Pacific Highway" in a Classic 1969 Porsche 912.
Weber Carburetors Book
Part Number: 901527
Currently Unavailable

Get all the information you need to work on and repair 401DA Weber Carburetors from basics to tuning for maximum performance.