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1972-1973 Marken Weltmeister Decal
Part Number: 911.701.103.04
Marken Weltmeister Decal. It fits inside the left rear quarter window. This decal is an absolute must have for all Porsche drivers.
1976 World Champion Decal
Part Number: 911.701.103.28
World Champion Decal. It fits inside the left rear quarter window. This decal is an absolute must have for all Porsche drivers.
92 Octane Fuel Gauge Decal, 911/930 Turbo (78-89)
Part Number: 911.701.253.01
92 octane fuel gauge decal for 911 and 930 Turbo (1978-1989) models.
CIBIE Lights Decal
Part Number: CIBIE.01
Sticker measures 150 mm x 34 mm.
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Delta Mark TEN CDI Decal, 911 (64-75)
Part Number: SMC.911.004
Delta Mark TEN CDI decal for 911 CA (1964-1975) models. Printed on ‘brushed aluminum’ foil, which gives the decal close resemblance to the original.
Driving In Its Purest Form Decal
Part Number: 901.701.020.00
This decal commemorates the first 25 years of Porsche automobiles that were built.
Emblem Clip, 2mm (Smaller Size)
Part Number: 999.591.212.02
Clip for 2mm emblem pins for all 356's, 911, 912 models.
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Emblem Clip, 3mm (Larger Size)
Part Number: 999.591.212.01
Clip for 3mm emblem pins fits 356, 356A, 356B, 356C, 911, and 912 models (1950-1969).
Emblem Transfer Adhesive Tape
Part Number: SMC.089.411
Developed and made in Germany, this is one of the best emblem adhesives. Transfer tape is easy to use, quick bonding and excellent on most smooth surfaces. Pack of 2 strips. Instructions are included.
Emergency Spare Tire Decal, 911 (87-89)
Part Number: 911.701.137.04
Collapsable emergency spare tire decal for 911 (1987-1989) models.
Emergency Spare Tire Decal, 911/930 Turbo (78-86)
Part Number: 911.701.137.03
Collapsable emergency spare tire decal for 911 and 930 Turbo (1978-1986) models.
Fuel Door Decal, 911 SC (78-83)
Part Number: SMC.002.008
Orange "Achtung!" decal found inside the gas door on some 911 SCs. Measures 50mm x 30mm.
Fuse Box Card, 911 (84-86)
Part Number: 911.612.243.00
Fuse box card for 911 (1984-1986) models.
Fuse Cover Decal, 911Turbo (84-86)
Part Number: 930.612.243.00
Fuse cover decal for 911 Turbo (1984-1986) models.
Part Number: HELLA.01
Sticker measures 150mm x 100mm.
Hicock Belt Stickers, (50-70)
Part Number: 644.701.803.00
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Installation Speed Nut Set, 911/912/930/912E
Part Number: SMC.559.002.55
Clip are also called Speed Nuts.
JÖRG Auto Parts Decal
Part Number: SMC.000.927
Original JÖRG Auto Parts decal. High quality digital print and cut with gloss laminate.
Martini Racing Grille Badge
Part Number: WAP.050.810.0K
Limited Edition Martini Racing® Grille Badge. A collector’s piece to commemorate the 917 Martini. Limited to 1,971 pieces.
Plastic Speed Nut Clip Set
Part Number: SMC.591.KIT
Correct plastic speed nut clip set. Nine per set.
Porsche Classic Enamel Sign, 928 GTS, 40x60cm
Part Number: PCG.000.928.10
Porsche Classic Enamel Sign for 928 GTS models, 40x60cm.
Porsche Classic Enamel Sign, Powerful Elegance, 40x60cm
Part Number: PCG.000.999.18
Porsche classic enamel sign, "kraftvolle Eleganz mit leichter Hand geführt.", 40x60cm.
Porsche Classic Enamel Sign, Sport der Persönlichkeit, 40x60cm
Part Number: PCG.000.999.12
Porsche classic enamel sign, "Sport der Persönlichkeit / Fahren in seiner schönsten Form." ("Sports personality / driving at its fines."), 40x60cm.
Porsche Classic Enamel Sign, Years Ahead in Engineering, 40x60cm
Part Number: PCG.000.999.16
Porsche classic enamel sign, "Years ahead in engineering, miles ahead on the road", 40x60cm.
Porsche Crest Decal
Part Number: WAP.013.002

Porsche M42 Martini Side Stripes Livery Pack, 911/930 (75-89)
Part Number: 911.559.017.00
Porsche M42 Martini side stripes decal livery pack. The pack contains decals for both sides and the deck lid.
Porsche Script Body Decals, Livery Pack, 911/930 Turbo (75-89)
Part Number: 930.559.307.00
Porsche script body decals livery pack. Dedicated to the 930 Turbo model but look great on all models. The livery pack contains decals for both sides and the deck lid. Printed on transparent film.
Porsche® Side Decal, 911 (74-77)
Part Number: 911.559.319.01
Porsche® side decal for 911 (1974-1977) models.
Racing Pegasus Decal Set
Part Number: SMC.100.001
They measure 4 1/2 inches x 3 3/4 inches or 115mm x 95mm.
Racing Pegasus Decal Set (White Border)
Part Number: SMC.000.876
They measure 7 inches x 5 1/2 inches or 180mm x 140mm.
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Rivets for Coach Builders, Badges (Larger Size)
Part Number: 900.055.003.30
Rivets for Coach Builders and Badges (larger size).
Rivets, Chassis & Paint Number Plates (Small Size)
Part Number: 900.055.001.02
Rivets for chassis and paint number plates (small size).
SCCA Racing Safety Decal Kit
Part Number: SMC.000.976
SCCA racing safety decal kit.
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SMC Speed Decal
Part Number: SMC.000.940
SMC Speed Decal. Available in five colors. Black, White, Red, Silver and Gold.
Spare Tire Tank Sticker, 911/944 (78-88)
Part Number: 944.701.193.00
Emergency spare tire decal for the top of the tank on 911SC (1978-1983) and 944 (1982-1988) models. Printed on solid PVC foil.
Speed Nut (4,8)
Part Number: 999.507.041.09
Speed nut (4,8).
Speed Nut (5mm)
Part Number: 999.507.312.12
Speed nut for 911 (1965-1989), 912 (1965-1969), 912E (1976) and 930 (1974-1989) models.
Speed Nut Clip
Part Number: 999.591.423.03
Speed nut clip. Sold individually.