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Are your wheels suffering from curb grinds, discoloration, dents or scratches? After refurbishing over 500 wheels, we have the knowledge and experience to get your wheels looking like new again! Our wheel work can be seen on Concours show cars around the world.

All work ranging from painting & re-painting (including custom colors), to chroming & anodizing comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee on every wheel. Our work is covered under warranty for 24 months from the time the wheels are delivered.

With our refurbishing services you don't even have to worry about the hassle of sending the wheels in - we will arrange to have the wheels picked up from you, or you can ship/drop off your wheel(s) at either of our Los Angeles locations. If you choose to have the wheel(s) picked up directly from your location, we will send a pre-paid label and even supply the shipping materials. Additional fees apply for pickup services. Please call us at 888-986-4466 to speak to one of our sales representatives or email us at with any questions, and/or to receive a quote.

Steel Wheel Refurbishing, Painting
Part Number: SMC.WHEEL.01
Make your wheels shine like new. SMC-WHEEL-01 SMC.WHEEL.01 SMCWHEEL01 SMC WHEEL 01
Fuchs Wheel Refurbishing, Polish & Paint
Part Number: SMC.WHEEL.02
Make your wheels shine like new. SMC-WHEEL-02 SMC.WHEEL.02 SMCWHEEL02 SMC WHEEL 02
Steel Wheel Refurbishing, Chroming
Part Number: SMC.WHEEL.03
Make your wheels shine like new. SMC-WHEEL-03 SMC.WHEEL.03 SMCWHEEL03 SMC WHEEL 03
Fuchs Wheel Refurbishing, Anodize & Paint
Part Number: SMC.WHEEL.04
Make your wheels shine like new. SMC-WHEEL-04 SMC.WHEEL.04 SMCWHEEL04 SMC WHEEL 04

Painting SMC.WHEEL.01
Wheels are professionally cleaned (sandblasted if steel wheel), check for any structural damage, prepare and fix any cosmetic imperfections before going into painting. The wheel will look like new and there is a 24 month on any of our jobs.

Polishing SMC.WHEEL.02
Polishing is the process of creating a smooth and shiny surface by chemical action, leaving your wheels' surface with a significant specular reflection.

Chroming SMC.WHEEL.03
In order to produce a shiny, mirror-like finish and to protect against deterioration, a triple layer of chromium is used in this process. The Wheel is first sanded down, then electroplated with copper, then nickel, ultimately bathed in chromium and electrified.

Anodizing SMC.WHEEL.04
Anodizing increases resistance to corrosion and wear, and provides better adhesion for paint primers and rlin than bare metal does. A wheel is anodized by passing it through an electrolytic solution. Anodizing is performed in an acid solution which slowly dissolves the oxide of the wheel by creating a thick shiny-looking coat.

Please note:
 • If the center cap is sent with the original wheel, the center cap will also be refinished at no additional cost. One center cap per wheel.
 • All stamping and markings will be preserved throughout the entire process.
 • Minor imperfections such as small dents and scratches will be fixed during the refurbishing process.
 • Refurbishing & refinishing services take approximately 2 to 3 weeks for completion from the date the wheels are received.
 • Wheels will be picked up and delivered via UPS Ground or FedEx Ground depending on your location. Wheel delivery shipments and pick up services will always be insured throughout transportation.
 • If you are shipping your wheels to us, please be sure to insure the package. We cannot be held responsible for damaged or lost packages.
 • Alloy wheels will be professionally checked for cracking, roundness and structure issues before the refinishing process.
 • Chrome wheels will be professionally split, re-chromed and re-assembled correctly for a perfect like-new finish.
 • Notifications will be sent when your wheels arrive at our location and at each stage throughout the process.
 • If requested, photos of the refinished wheels will be sent via email before final devliery to ensure customer satisfaction.

 • Tire recommendation
 • Wheel Weight & Offset

Please call or email our sales department for details today!

Sales Team: (888) 986-4466

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