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Shift Coupler Bushing Set, Delrin (62-86)

Part Number: 911.424.024KIT
Material: Delrin
: 911.424.024KIT 911-424-024KIT 911 424 024KIT 911424024KIT
WH Rack: P4-1
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Shift coupler bushing set for 356B (1962-1963), 356C (1964-1965), 911 (1965-1986), 912 (1965-1969), 930 (1976-1986) and 914(1973-1976) models. Tightens the shift coupler, an often neglected part of the shift linkage. One set needed.

Product Reviews

Reviewed by SMC T, 04/05/2015

Comments from the manufacturer:  The bushings we are supplying to rebuild the 911 shift coupler are not only fine but are actually designed that way by Porsche. We took a brand new coupler which we buy from the dealer and installed one of our bushings on one end and left the new factory bush on the other side. Our bushing (in white) and the factory (in black) have the same amount of play.  The holes in the bushings are not round but elongated by design, primarily to reduce vibration and noise transmitted into the shifter. Our bushing is actually made of POM ( Delrin) material which is far superior to the factory and other bushings offered for this application.