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Sierra Madre Collection is an authorized distributor of Coco Mats products. Please call (888) 986-4466 or email with any questions or if there is a Coco Mats product you are looking for that is not listed here.

Each high-quality Coco mat features:

  • Rip Proof Vinyl Fabric Edging
    High quality leather like vinyl edging in complementary colors to enhance and protect the sides of our cocomats
  • Signature Rubber Heel Pad
    Specially design for quality and function. Our Signature Rubber Heel Pad will keep you feet in place, while preventing damage to the matting.
  • Tight Woven Coir Matting
    Top grade Anjengo yarn that has been spun to our stringent specifications. With a tighter weave our mats last longer and keep quality.
  • 1/8" Natural Rubber with Nibbed Bottom
    Our signature heavy rubber bottom moulds to your floor while the soft nibs prevent the mat from moving.
Coco Front Floor Mat Set
Part Number: SMC.000.070
Coco mat set for the front driver and passenger side.
Coco Rear Floor Mat Set
Part Number: SMC.000.909
Coco mat set for the rear driver and passenger side.
Coco Front And Rear Floor Mat Set
Part Number: SMC.000.071
Coco mat set for the front and rear driver and passenger side.
Coco Three Piece Floor Mat Set
Part Number: SMC.000.073
Three piece coco floor mat set. Includes (1) driver mat, (1) passenger mat and (1) runner mat.
Coco Front Driver Side Floor Mat
Part Number: SMC.000.072
Coco mat for the front driver side.
Coco Rear Luggage Mat
Part Number: SMC.000.074
Coco rear luggage runner mat.
Coco Trunk Mat
Part Number: SMC.000.802
Coco trunk mat.
Coco Cargo Mat
Part Number: SMC.000.805
Coco cargo mat.
Coco Tunnel Mat
Part Number: SMC.000.804
Coco tunnel mat without rubber backing.
Coco mats were first developed for cars in the 1950's; Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, BMW and other European car manufacturers used coco mats as a standard car mats in their automobiles. New and updated, with a nibbed rubber back, our Coco mats come in over 20 different color combinations to compliment the interior and exterior of any classic or new car. Coconut fibers are a natural fibre that have been used for decades for their durability, strength and elegant appearance. Coco mat Car Mats are a woven mat that look great and protect your original carpet while also hiding dirt and keeping grit from sitting on top of your mats, thereby maintaining a clean and fresh appearance of your interior.