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Taillight Assembly, Left 924/944 (76-91)
Part Number: 477.945.205
Quality aftermarket taillight assembly for 1976-1988 924 and 1983-1991 944. EU approved, bulbs and hardware not included.
Fresh Air Inlet Box, 356B(T6)/356C (62-65)
Part Number: 644.571.012.06
Reproduction fresh air inlet box for 356B (T6) and 356C. Years 1962-1965. Manufactured from durable plastic just like the original.
Horn Grille w/o Fog Light Hole, Left, 914/914-6 (70-76)
Part Number: 914.559.257.10
JÖRG horn grille for the left side. Fits 914 and 914-6 models (1.7, 1.8, 2.0) without fog lights. Years 1970-1976.
Front Windshield Glass, 928 (78-95)
Part Number: 928.541.011.12
Front Windshield Glass for 928 (1978-1995) models.
Front Windshield Glass, Green Top Tint, 928 (78-95)
Part Number: 928.541.011.13
Front Windshield Glass, Green Top Tint, for 928 (1978-1995) models.
Bursch Catalytic Converter Replacement Pipes, 928 (78-95)
Part Number: BA 7908
This Bursch Racing Converter Replacement Unit w/02 Sensor Fitting reduces engine damaging heat and with better exhaust flow will increase power and fuel economy. 
Bursch Muffler, 911/914-6 (3.M. Street)
Part Number: BX 1103
Increase your horsepower and torque with this hand welded muffler for 911 models.
Engine Bay Decal Set, 911 (2.7) (74-77)
Part Number: SMC.006.503.SET
Engine Bay Decal Set for 911, 2.7 models. Years 1974-1977.
Door Pocket Set, ABS Molded, Smooth, 911/912/930/964 (74-94)
Part Number: SMC.246.932.11
JÖRG Auto Parts Door pocket set for 911, 912, 930 and 964 (1974-1994) models. Black ABS molded, smooth.
Threshold Kit, All 356's (50-65)
Part Number: SMC.551.117.00
This JÖRG kit for all 356's, Speedsters and Roadsters includes the wide aluminum strips, narrow aluminum strips, threshold rubbers and screw set. One kit includes parts needed for both doors.
Dashboard, 911/912/930 (69-86)
Part Number: SMC.552.055.07
Dashboard for 911, 912 and 930 (1969-1986) models. Made from heavy duty, highly durable plastic, these cores are the perfect basis for a custom or refurbished interior. Cover in vinyl for a stock appearing interior, or cover in leather or Alcantara for something truly unique.
Turn Signal Lens Clear, Right, Euro, Black Trim (69-73)
Part Number: SMC.631.943.02
Front turn signal lens for right side. Fits European models 1969-1973.
Dash Knee Pad Set, 911/912 (69-85)
Part Number: SMC.901.552.KIT
High quality reproduction dash knee pad set, left, right, and ashtray handle.
GT2 Carbon Fiber Front Seat Set, 911/997.2
Impeccable GT2 carbon fiber seat set with leather and Alcantara inserts.