Carburetor Float Level Gauges, 911/914

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P/N: SMC.100.948.01
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WH Rack:G1-5

Float Level Gauges for all Weber carburetors. This gauge gives a visual inspection of the fuel level while the engine is running. The gauge is attached to the float bowl after the float bowl plug is removed. The plugs are centered in the float bowls above the main jet holders. Catch the fuel in a small cup when removing the plugs. The fuel level with Webers should be between the top two lines.

The fuel is raised or lowered by increasing or decreasing the thickness of the washers underneath the float needle valves. Please note the copper washers are not included. The ratio is about 3 to 1. If you put a 1mm washer under the needle valve, you raise the fuel level about 3mm. The Weber factory uses fiber washers underneath the needle valves. If you retain these fiber washers, a copper gasket should be used on top so the hex doesn't grind up the fiber.

Porsche Part Number Variation SMC-100-948-01 SMC.100.948.01 SMC10094801 SMC 100 948 01