Clutch Kit (200mm) & Chromoly Flywheel, 911 (74-89)

P/N: SMC.911.122.00
Regular price $400.29

WH Rack:M6-1
200mm clutch kit with six pad ceramic disc and chromoly flywheel. Designed for high performance or racing application. It provides a smooth engagement and a high holding capacity. The clutch system is engineered to maximize the durability and stability, and can be easily installed without modification. This clutch kit fits Porsche 911 applications. This clutch kit includes a pressure plate, a black 6-pad ceramic disc, and a lightweight flywheel.

The pressure plates are engineered to maximize the clutch life. The clamp loads are about 30% higher than stock. The diaphragms of each pressure plate endure a four stage heat treated process to improve tension strength while preserving the structural integrity. The pressure plate is designed to provide extra clamping force and performance. They are CNC precision machined and computer balanced to ensure smooth operation. Each pressure plate also features heavy-duty drive straps and rivets to secure the contact face.

The clutch disc is made of ceramic pads with high coefficient of friction. It enables quick engagement and performs reliably for extreme duty friction applications. The 6 spring designs also boosts the overall power and durability of the disc. This 6 puck disc is engineered to deliver high torque and holding capacity, and it is ideal choice for the serious enthusiasts.

The flywheels are made of high quality chromoly steel. They are stronger, lighter, and more heat and corrosion resistant than stock. They are also designed to increase air flow to enhance the overall thermal performance of the clutch system. All of our flywheels are CNC machined to ensure perfect balancing and to provide a flat surface for clutch disc bedding. In addition, the surface of the flywheels is designed to fit any kind of clutch disc material, ranging from organic to ceramic.

Porsche Part Number Variation SMC-911-122-00 SMC.911.122.00 SMC91112200 SMC 911 122 00