Door Panel, Moisture Barrier Set, 911/912/930

P/N: SMC.550.000
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Alt. Number:911.531.889.00911.531.890.00
Models:911, 912, 930
WH Rack:S4-2

(2) of Die cut Door panel moisture membranes for 1965 to 1994 911, 912, 912E, 930 C2/C4 Porsche We have manufactured door panels and found that many of you were missing these or had discarded them. These are very important. The manufacturer went to the trouble of putting these on before your car left the factory for good reason.They are precision die cut for a perfect fit and have location holes for proper placement. They even have little X's for you owners of cars with power windows.

Porsche Part Number Variation SMC-550-000 SMC.550.000 SMC550000 SMC 550 000