DREAM 1 Exhaust Unit, Boxster/Cayman (05-10)

P/N: SMC.111.116.00
Regular price $265.95

Brand:BC Velocity Exhaust
Models:Boxster, Cayman
WH Rack:V-2


DREAM 1, Dual Radius Exhaust Accumulator Model 1, is a simple and less costly way to improve performance in your Boxster/S (2005-2008), Boxster 2.9 (2009-2010), Cayman/S (2006-2008) or Cayman 2.9 (2009-2010). The stock exhaust unit on a Boxster or Cayman is a "T" shaped unit with opposing exhaust gas flows. The DREAM 1 has dual radius pipes with an internal exhaust gas flow diverter. It eliminates the opposing gas turbulence of the stock unit for a smoother and more efficient exit of the exhaust gases, resulting in improved exhaust flow, performance, gas mileage, and a mellow sound with no drone. The DREAM 1 is a bolt on replacement of the stock T exhaust accumulator, made of steel, ceramic coated inside and out, and designed and manufactured in America. Warranty is replacement if failure is due to defects or workmanship.

Porsche Part Number Variation SMC-111-116-00 SMC.111.116.00 SMC11111600 SMC 111 116 00