Full Plexi windshield conversion kit for 550 Spyder

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P/N: SMC.550.502.00
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Model:550 Spyder®
WH Rack:GL
Full Plexi windshield conversion kit, pre-drilled holes, stainless steel mounting hardware, custom moled black leather body gasket and dash mounted rear view mirror. All included to save you time and money trying to locate these parts. This new windshield allows you to switch between your existing Glass windshield and our New Plexi glass windshield. This new design covers all the holes on the body. No Body modifications required. You can switch between Glass and Plexi as you please. The transformation is stunning. The sleek low profile look of the racing Plexiglas is awesome.

Porsche Part Number Variation SMC-550-502-00 SMC.550.502.00 SMC55050200 SMC 550 502 00