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A/C Refrigerant - Johnsens R134a (30 lb Cylinder)
Part Number: 55.6984.010
For use in factory installed and/or retrofitted R134a automotive air conditioning systems. Includes standard ACME threaded cap. Certified to meet/exceed ARI 700 and SAE J2776 purity standards.
Heater Control Rod, Right, All 356's (50-65)
Part Number: 644.211.702.00
Heater control rod for right side on all 356 models.
Muffler Tip With Square Rolled Edge
Part Number: 547.54.110
Brand new high-quality reproduction of the early exhaust chrome tip with correct SQUARE ROLLED EDGE. Factory installed on 356 Super and optional for all other models with Sport muffler (part # 616.54.103). Heavy brass pipe with deep chrome, 120 gr. For 45mm pipes, 160m length.
Muffler to Heater Exchange Clamp, All 356's/912
Part Number: 369.54.109
Muffler to heater exchanger clamp for all 356's and 912 models. Two required.
Race Exhaust Megaphone Set, All Models
Part Number: 902057
A special tuning chamber in these megaphones increases your horsepower and torque when at high RPMs.
Seal Ring,18mm x 24mm
Part Number: 900.123.11.30
Seal ring for pressure pipe pump converter. Measures 18mm x 24mm.