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Dansk Muffler, 356 (50-55)
Part Number: 546.54.106
Dansk muffler comes with one straight tail pipe for 356 Pre-A (1950-1955) models.
ZF Steering Peg
Part Number: 644.347.134.01
This case hardened steering peg for ZF steering box is made of high carbon steel. Perfect to replace your worn out steering peg and prevent further wear on the worm gear.
Hubcap, Normal 356 (Baby Moon)
Part Number: 644.361.002.00
Two options to choose from.
Bilstein Style Car Jack, 356/911/912 (56-71)
Part Number: 644.722.010.00
Bilstein style car jack for 356A T1 (1956-1957), 356A T2/356B T5 (1958-1961), 356B T6/C (1962-1965), 911/912 (1965-1968) (1971) models. These authentic reproduction jacks are made in Italy.
Rear Seat Strap Set, 911/912 (65-73)
Part Number: 901.522.063.20
Black-Tan high-quality reproduction rear seat strap set for 911 and 912 models. Years 1965-1973. Embossed leather with female snaps. These straps are hand made in Europe and measures 7.5 inches or 19.1 cm. Sold as a pair and extensions sold individually. Upholstery nails included!