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Bumper Support Tube Set, Front, 155mm, 356Pre-A/356A (50-58)
Part Number: 644.505.161.00
155mm Front bumper support tube set for 1959 356A models. This hard to find piece is finally available and made from the original U.S. style bumper support tubes. These tubes have an O.E. 'Adjusting Eye Hole'. A key detail to fit your exact bumper due to all cars being built by hand which can result in a difference in shape. The adjusting eye hole gets you to have your bumper correctly lined up with an area to adjust it correctly.
Front Seat Spring Basket, All 356's (50-65)
Part Number: 644.521.041.01
Front seat spring basket for all 356 models. Years 1950-1965. Fits left and right side.
Rear Backrest Frame, 356 Pre-A, 356A (50-59)
Part Number: 644.522.021.01
Rear backrest frame for 356 Pre-A (1950-1955) and 356A (1955-1959) models.
Door Window with Lifter Rail, Right, 911 (68-79)
Part Number: 901.542.012.27
Right door window with lifter rail for 911 2.0-3.0 models. Years 1968-1979. This window is clear and without the E-mark.
Door Panel Set, Bare, 911/912 (69-73)
Part Number: 901.555.031.55
JÖRG insulated bare panels for 911 and 912 models to be upholstered on your own. Sold as a pair.