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Beehive Bezel Retaining Screw 356/356A
Part Number: NLA.631.010.00
Bezel retaining screw for 356 and 356A models. Two required per light.
Beehive Chrome Rim, 356/356A
Part Number: 356.62.221
Chrome rim for front and rear beehive lights on 356 and 356A models. Screws included.
Beehive Light Bezel Screw, 356/356A
Part Number: NLA.631.4X1.2
Screw for 356 or 356A beehive light chrome bezel. 8 required per car and 2 required per light.
Beehive Rubber Base Gasket, 356/356A
Part Number: 356.62.223
Beehive lights rubber base gasket for 356 and 356A models.
Beehive Rubber Gasket, 356/356A
Part Number: 356.62.222

Brake Light Lens, Clear, 356 Pre-A
Part Number: 356.62.513
Clear brake light lens with HELLA logo for early 356A Pre-A models.
Brake Light Lens, Red, 356 Pre-A
Part Number: 356.62.512
Red brake light lens with HELLA logo for early 356A Pre-A models.
Dual Filament Bulb, 6 Volt/5/21W, 356/356A
Part Number: 900.631.008.90
Dual filament bulb for 356 Pre-A and 356A (pre T2) models.
Grey Gasket, 356/356A (50-59)
Part Number: 356.62.411
Grey seal for turn signal and taillight. Two seals are required for the turn signals on 356 and 356A models. Four seals are needed for the taillights on all 356 and 356A(T1).
License Light Bulb, 6 Volt/5W
Part Number: 900.631.004.90
Replaces license plate and parking light for 356, 356A, 356B and 356C models. Also can be used for the rear turn signal on 356A(T2) thru 356C.
License Plate Light Lens Set, 356 Pre-A/356A (50-59)
Part Number: SMC.005.601.00
Reverse license plate light replacement lenses for 356 Pre-A (1950-1955) and 356A (1955-1959) models. Three lenses included replacing one full unit.
License Reverse Light Assembly, 356/356A (50-57)
Part Number: 644.631.005.00
License reverse light assembly for 356 and 356A models. The light shines down.
License Reverse Light, Base, 356/356A
Part Number: 644.007.931.00
Base for reproduction license light on 356 and 356A models.
Light Bulb, 6 Volt/15W
Part Number: 900.631.014.90
Single filament 15 watt bulb for beehive turn signal lights and rear spot light on 356 Pre-A and 356A models.
Rear 3rd Brake Light, 356/911/912 (50-89)
Part Number: 4082300050639
Hella© 3rd brake light chrome assembly light with red lens. It's perfect for the early Porsches! It measures 100mm W x 80mm H x 70mm D (4"x 3" x 2 1/2"). Light bulb is not included.
Rear Reflector Plug, All 356's (50-65)
Part Number: SMC.731.501.55
Plastic plug.
Rear Reflector Set, 356/356A (50-59)
Part Number: 644.731.501.00
Set of two reflectors. These reflectors have not been available for over 30 years and original glass reflectors sell for hundreds of dollars on the Internet!  These reflectors are PERFECT in every way - featuring the small K1315 lettering. Originally there were 2 versions of small and larger lettering, however, we chose to reproduce the small markings since they were the most used.
Rear Reflector, 356/356A (50-59)
Part Number: 644.731.600.00
Currently Unavailable
Rear Taillight Assembly, Beehive, Red Lens, 356/356A(T1)
Part Number: 644.631.008.00
High quality Beehive taillight assembly with red lens. Fits 356 (1950-1955) and 356A9(T1) (1955-1957) up to chassis #100000 (Coupe), 61700 (Cabriolet), & 83200 Speedster. Terminal boot is included.
Reflector Assembly Aluminum Base, 356/356A (50-59)
Part Number: 644.731.501.11
Aluminum base for rear reflector assembly on 356 Pre-A and 356A (1950-1959) models. Two required.
Reflector Assembly Gasket, All 356's
Part Number: 644.731.501.12
This is the black rubber washer that goes in between the aluminum bases.
Reverse Light Bulb, 6 Volt/18W
Part Number: 900.631.010.90
Single filament 18 watt reverse light bulb.
Reverse Light Switch, 356/356A
Part Number: 644.613.541.00
Currently unavailable
Rubber Drain Pipe Set (50-89)
Part Number: SMC.025.612.00
It's designed to be slightly more square at the base to help create a slightly more rigid base. This helps to keep the tube open when the car is moving and create a low pressure area to help suck out water. Most models need six with the exception of 914 models which need only two.
Shock Mount Washer, All 356's/911/912 (50-89)
Part Number: 911.333.523.00
Rear axle shock mount washer for all 356 (1950-1965) and 911/912 (1965-1989) models. Two required.
Taillight Beehive Lens, Dark Red, 356/356A(T1)
Part Number: 644.631.008.01
Dark Red "burgundy" beehive taillight lens fits 356 and 356A(T1). Four required. Rubber seal not included. Four required.
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Taillight Bulb, 12 Volt/5W
Part Number: 900.631.104.90
Taillight bulb is 12 volts and fits all models. Two required.
Taillight Lens, Red, 356 Pre-A (48-52)
Part Number: 356.62.212
Red taillight lens with HELLA logo for 356A Pre-A (1948-1952) models. Two required.
Turn Signal Beehive Lens, Amber, 356/356A(T1)
Part Number: 644.631.009.02
European yellow, also know as amber, turn signal lens for the front or rear turn signals.
Turn Signal Beehive Light Base, 356/356A (50-59)
Part Number: SMC.62.225
Two connector turn signal beehive light base for the front and rear of 356 and 356A (1950-1959) models.