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"How To Make Your Car Handle", Book
Part Number: 903184
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356 Defined, A Pictorial Guide Book
Part Number: 75824

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356 Guide to Do-It-Yourself Restoration Book, Rev. II
Part Number: 75826
Porsche 356, Guide to Do-It-Yourself Restoration has something for all 356 enthusiasts. Author Jim Kellogg covers everything an individual do-it-yourselfer needs to know to transform a rusty project car to a restored classic.
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Battle for the Beetle Book by Karl Ludvigsen
Part Number: 978-0-8376-169
The untold story of the post-war battle for Adolf Hitler's giant Volkswagen factory and the Porsche-designed car that became an icon for generations around the globe.
Comprehensive Parts Manual
Part Number: SMC.000.467
Comprehensive factory manual for each of the following models listed below. Each manual comes in a 3-ring binder with a table of contents and page dividers for ease of use. A must-have for knowing all the ins and outs of your Porsche. 356 Pre-A/356 A (1950-1959) 356 B/356 C (1960-1965) 911/912 (1965-1969) 911 (1970-1973) 911 (1974-1977) 911 (1978-1983) 911 (1984-1986) 911 (1987-1989) 914 (1970-1976) 924 (1976-1979) 924 (1980-1985) 924S (1986-1988) 928 (1978-1982) 928 (1983-1986) 928 (1987-1991) 928 (1992-1995) 944 (1985-1988) 964 (1989-1994) 968 (1992-1995) 993 (1994-1998) 996 (1998-2005) 997 (2005-2008) 997 (2009) 997 GT3 (2006-2010)
Derek Bell: All My Porsche Races
Part Number: 978-1-907085-65-9
Derek Bell: All my Porsche races by Derek Bell and Richard Heseltine. This 276-page book describes what it was like during Derek's successful years as a Porsche racecar driver. This book is a classic tale of what it was like during a Golden Era for Porsche. "That first season of sportscars back in 1971 was a lifeline on so many levels. It proved that there was a world outside of Grand Prix racing, and one that I came to embrace".
Haynes Detailing Manual
Part Number: SMC.000.981
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This techbook belongs in every garage!
Herbert Linge - Pionier in Pole Position
Part Number: SMC.000.503
Each book hand signed by Linge!

Herbert Linge started his apprenticeship at Porsche in 1943! He was the very first employee when the company moved back to Stuttgart in 1951. He was THE key guy to set up the dealer network in the USA and at the end of his career at Porsche he was the head of all Weissach workshops. Besides his impressive achievements within the company he was a VERY fast and reliable race driver. 6 x Sebring 12H, 12 x Le Mans 24H and 3 Mille Miglia. He was the pilot who raced the Porsche 908 camera car for the LeMans movie with Steve McQueen and finished 8th overall with 4 extra stops to change the movie film !!
High-Performance Driving Handbook (1st Edition)
Part Number: 903675
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Illustrated Buyers Guide Book
Part Number: 903274
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Neil's Book, The 356A Porsche, Documented Details
Part Number: SMC.000.305
1958 356A coupe #103526 was purchased new in June 1958. For the next 51 years, the car was owned and maintained by just one individual who took great care in keeping the car as original as possible. The car remains exactly as delivered except for maintenance items. This book includes 214 color pictures that document the original manufacturing details of this car, with text by Marco Marinello and Chuck Stoddard.
Original Porsche 356, The Restorer's Guide
Part Number: 978-1-906133-84-9
Original Porsche 356 The restorer’s guide to all coupé, cabriolet, roadster and speedster models 1950-65 by Lawrence Meredith. With the help of Porsche factory records and 356 experts, Lawrence has created a must-read book for any 356 enthusiasts. "The indispensable guide to Porsche 356 evolution and 100% originality".
Porsche: Gli anni d'oro/The Golden Years
Part Number: 978-88-7911-701-2
Porsche: Gli anni d'oro/The golden years by Leonardo Acerbi. This book goes into great detail examining the full history of this legendary car company and contains previously unpublished images by Franco Villani. A recommended book on most Porsche literature enthusiasts list of must-reads.
Porsche® Origin of the Species book by Karl Ludvigsen
Part Number: GPGC

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Powered By Porsche®​ The Alternative Race Cars Book by Roy Smith
Part Number: 978-1-845849-90-0
A study of other marques that used Porsche engines for racing success. Hardcover. Limited edition.
Technical and Restoration Guide Book V.2, 356
Part Number: 914940
Guide includes step-by-step instructions for welding body sections, installing upholstery, applying glove box flock, alignment, A/C and much more. This soft cover has 256 pages and 470 b/w photos.
Technical and Restoration Guide Book, 356
Part Number: 75810
356 Porsche Technical and Restoration Guide by the editors and contributors of the 356 Registry. This is a "how-to" book is compiled from technically oriented articles originally published in the first twenty years of the 356 Registry magazine.
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The Essential Buyer's Guide: 356 Porsche
Part Number: 978-1-787112-96-4
This is the complete guide to finding the best available example of the classic front-engine Porsche 356. Insight from real ownership experience is coupled with unparalleled technical knowledge, resulting in the first dedicated guidebook for potential buyers of the Porsche 356. A comprehensive guide, including an inspection checklist that buyers can use when viewing a car, photos of key areas to check, and known issues for each model, and an overview of key specifications and potential upgrades. Market and value data are also supplied to help give an idea of what a specific Porsche 356 is worth.
From whether a Porsche 356 is a suitable car for you, to the cost considerations to be taken into account when searching for and viewing a used model, the authors' aim is to arm the prospective buyer with enough knowledge and insight to be able to view a used Porsche 356, and quickly assess its quality, before considering whether to make a purchase. Take the first step towards finding your dream car by reading this guide today.
Weber Carburetors Book
Part Number: 901527
Currently Unavailable

Get all the information you need to work on and repair 401DA Weber Carburetors from basics to tuning for maximum performance.