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VDO Tachometer (0 to 8000 RPM)

Part Number: SMC.741.301.03
Alt. Number: 644.741.301.03
Brand: Continental/VDO
Type: Reproduction
Model: All Replica Models
: SMC.741.301.03 SMC-741-301-03 SMC 741 301 03 SMC74130103
WH Rack: I7-3
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Genuine Continental/VDO dash gauge. We are pleased to offer this instrument dial gauge which we developed in conjunction with Continental/VDO and is much better quality then other versions made in China.

These gauges are in 100mm metal housings. (The older reproduction VDO and the Chinese gauges are in 105mm housings.) The original Porsche gauges are 100mm.

These are 12 volt gauges.

These gauges are face lighted, as the originals, not the more modern back lighted style.

The Tachometer is 0 to 8000 RPM (UPM). With the red area beginning at 6200 rpm.

The Tachometer is electrical, driven from the distributor signal. It has the turn indicator light, emergency brake warning light and driving light indicator in the bottom (6 o'clock position.) The DIN switches on the back can be set for 4, 6, or 8 cylinder engines. The proper setting for 4 cylinders is 1 - ON, 2- off, 3 - off.

We are sure this new offering will create quite a few questions, so please feel free to contact us.

Porsche Part Number Variation SMC-741-301-03 SMC.741.301.03 SMC74130103 SMC 741 301 03

Product Reviews

Reviewed by SMC T, 04/03/2015

In response to questions regarding alternative methods of Speedometer drive we had a conversation with VDO Technical, and have confirmed that this speedometer uses a 12 volt square wave pulse system and can be programmed with the use of the odometer reset button to detect such signals up to 350,000 pulses per mile.  This procedure can be manually entered if the pulse count is known, or set by driving a measured mile.  Directions are available if this method fits your application.  We have not tried this, as the GPS is our preferred choice here at Sierra Madre Collection.