Carpet Set, 356 (50-54), 356A (55-59), 356B (60-63), 356C (64-65)

P/N: SMC.000.270

Regular price $971.08

Models:356, 356A, 356B, 356C
WH Rack:V-2

Carpet set for 356 (1950-1954), 356A (1955-1959), 356B (1960-1963), 356C (1964-1965) models. When placing the order please indicate material, color, year and model. Some of these items are custom made so they may not be returned.

Please see attached photos for type options. Domestic and German Vinyl differ in color options available.

Please note, this set may not fit Replica models. Please contact a sales associate for further details.

Porsche Part Number Variation SMC-000-270 SMC.000.270 SMC000270 SMC 000 270