Dansk Sport Muffler, All 356's

P/N: 616.54.103
Regular price $1,248.53

Alt. Number:1620603900, PO92103
Models:356, 356A, 356B, 356C
WH Rack:C-3

Dansk sport muffler comes with two straight tail pipes in Carrera® 4 cam style for all 356 models and years. Tail pipes are constructed to fit perfectly with the Carrera® steel rear lower panel, but will come out just under the car's body on Non-Carreras®. Louvers and holes for exhaust pipes are exactly as the Porsche® 356 Carrera® with 1600 engine. Factory engineered for best performance and simple bolt-on installation. Painted steel. Chrome tips part # 546.54.101 are NOT included.

Porsche Part Number Variation 616-54-103 616.54.103 61654103 616 54 103