Fuel Gauge Stabilizer, All 356's (50-65)

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P/N: SMC.201.001.00
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Model:All 356 models
WH Rack:K10-5
Fuel Gauge Stabilizer for all 356 (1950-1965) models. Eliminates wild swings in fuel gauge readings. Installs in minutes - instructions below. This can be used with 6 and 12 volt with conversion kits and will eliminate "jumping" or back and forth motion of the fuel gauge needle.

- Make sure ignition is turned off. Remove ignition key
- Remove thumb screw from fuel gauge mounting bracket
- Install brown wire w/ring terminal from dampener unit to gauge mounting stud and replace thumbscrew
- Remove wire from back of fuel gauge terminal marked (G)* Pull this wire gently off with needle nose pliers
- Install above wire you removed from the (G)* terminal into female terminal of gauge dampener unit
- Install male terminal from gauge dampener back into fuel gauge terminal (G)*
- Installation is done

FYI: It is not uncommon for the gauge to register full (F) rather than empty (E) for a few seconds after the key is turned off. It may take 5-60 seconds for the current to drain from the capacitor. This harms nothing & draws no current. It is a normal function of the unit. If the gauge needle stays in the F position all of the time the needle may be sticking.
**(G) means gauge.

Porsche Part Number Variation SMC-201-001-00 SMC.201.001.00 SMC20100100 SMC 201 001 00