Fuel Pre-Pump, 356/912/911

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P/N: SMC.000.916
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Alt. Number:7.21440.51.0,901.608.106.00,721440510,H72010141
WH Rack:G10-8

Fuel pre-pump for all models. It is designed to work as a pre-pump in 6 Volt systems or as a pump with higher fuel flow in 12 Volt systems. This pump is used to work in addition to your existing mechanical fuel pump. The pre-pump improves fuel flow, providing better performance and helps your engine start easier after sitting for a while. At 12V max voltage the pump is operating at about 100 L/hr at 0.15 bar; at 6V it is operating at about 50 L/hr and 0.075 bar.

Porsche Part Number Variation SMC-000-916 SMC.000.916 SMC000916 SMC 000 916