Hexagon Bolt And Washer Kit, M6, 6mm x 16mm

P/N: SMC.075.057.02
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Size:6mm x 16mm
Models:911, 912, 930, 912E, C2, C4, 911Turbo, Carrera
WH Rack:D-5

Zinc plated hexagon headed bolt. This bolt is used throughout the car in the front fender, rear fenders, support tubes, foot pedal cluster, accelerator pedal, oil tank, front hood latch, rear engine compartment latch, door stop, window mechanism, engine sheet metal and other applications. It fits: 911 (1965-1989), 912 (1965-1969), 930 (1976-1989), 912E (1976), C2/C4 (1989-1994), 911Turbo (1990-1994), Carrera (1995-1998) models. Kit includes 10 bolts, 10 flat washers, and 10 spring washers.

Porsche Part Number Variation SMC-075-057-02 SMC.075.057.02 SMC07505702 SMC 075 057 02