Intermediate Shaft Bearing Update Kit, IMS Solution, 996/Boxster (00-05)

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P/N: 10.0124.250
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Brand:LN Engineering
Models:996, Boxster
WH Rack:V-2
Intermediate shaft bearing update kit for 996 and Boxster (2000-2005) models. IMS Solution. Solid bearing replacement with oiling system. Only for cars originally equipped with a single row IMS bearing (original cover dish depth = 19.27 mm). Kit contains: IMS Solution plain bearing, IMS Solution flange, press-in IMS tube plug, bearing support bolt, shim, circlip, bolts, spin-on oil filter adapter with oiling port, oil line & fittings, oil filter. Requires IMS tool set #10 0125 001, and IMS supplemental tool set #10 0125 003. Enables bearing update without engine removal. Replacement oil filter for this update, use # 10 0270 006. The IMS Solution is designed to last the lifetime of the engine and does not have a service interval. Installation by an automotive professional is required to insure proper fit, function, and any necessary support by the manufacturer.

Porsche Part Number Variation 10-0124-250 10.0124.250 100124250 10 0124 250