Liqui Moly MOS2 Antifriction Motor Oil

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P/N: 2042
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Size:1 liter
WH Rack:V-2


This semi synthetic motor oil is a LIQUI MOLY specialty. It creates a high pressure and high temperature resistant lubricant film on all friction and sliding surfaces thanks to the added MoS2. MoS2 guarantees the greatest safety reserves and optimum wear resistance even under extreme loads and heat caused by stop-and-go traffic,high rpm, etc. and reduces oil consumption and wear in proven engines. MoS2 gives the oil its gray color. 1 Liter plastic Canister. The picture is of 5 Liter
excellent wear protection
no harmful effects on catalytic converters
good cold-start behavior
slows oil degradation and stabilizes viscosity
outstanding engine cleanliness
outstanding break-in protection
suitable for gasoline and diesel engines with and without exhaust-gas turbocharging
instant lubrication after cold start

Porsche Part Number Variation 2042 2042 2042 2042