Perma Tune CDI Ignition Module Box, 6 Pin, 911/930 (78-89)

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P/N: 930.602.702.00
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Type:Perma Tune
Models:911, 930
WH Rack:O14-3
Perma Tune CDI Ignition Module Box, 6 pin, for 911 (1978-1982), 911 Turbo (1986-1989) and 930 (1978-1979) models.

This control unit upgrade replaces the stock ignition box and plugs into the same location as factory. It provides three times the spark energy of the factory module, this unit provides improved combustion efficiency, resulting in more performance and less unburned fuel in the exhaust. With this unit, unshielded copper spark plug wires can be used without causing radio noise problems.

A defective coil can damage the new discharge unit possibly voiding the warranty. The manufacturer strongly recommends also using a new coil. Please see part number 901.602.502.00

Porsche Part Number Variation 930-602-702-00 930.602.702.00 93060270200 930 602 702 00