PMO Complete Carb Kit 46mm for 2.8-3.0L Performance Set-Up

P/N: PM-O804-0
Regular price $7,195.00

WH Rack:V-2

Complete PMO Carb Kits include pre-jetted and sized carburetor, linkage, pressure control unit, heat insulator kit, oil tank breather, fuel line & filter, clamps, injector plugs (as needed), power brake check valve (as needed) and complete installation instructions. 

Carb Size: 46 MM

Choke: 36

Mains: 145

Air Corrector: 185

Em Tubes: F11t

Idle Jet Float: 55

Ck Valve: 0.5

*Engine Range: 2.8-3.0 L 

Porsche Part Number Variation SMC-911-400 SMC.911.400 SMC911400 SMC 911 400