Porsche® Utility Jug w/ Shop Towel, 5 Liter

P/N: PCG.800.703.00
Regular price $46.44

Size:5 Liter
Brand:Genuine Porsche®
WH Rack:S-3
Porsche® 5 liter utility jug with shop towel included.

These cans are made by Porsche and will not be damaged by gasoline or diesel. However, we must state that due to EPA regulations these are NOT FOR FUEL USE. Not because of any safety or technical issue, but because the EPA has mandated that all new fuel cans sold in the USA have those "no spill" type nozzles. So use these cans for motor oil, cooking oil, non-potable water, antifreeze, we don't care what you use them for, but the government says don't put fuel in them so we have to tell you that too.

Porsche Part Number Variation PCG-800-703-00 PCG.800.703.00 PCG80070300 PCG 800 703 00