Rear Reflector Set, 356/356A (50-59)

P/N: 644.731.501.00
Regular price $471.32

Type:Excellent Reproduction
Models:356, 356A
WH Rack:K12-6

Set of two reflectors. These reflectors have not been available for over 30 years and original glass reflectors sell for hundreds of dollars on the Internet!  These reflectors are PERFECT in every way - featuring the small K1315 lettering. Originally there were 2 versions of small and larger lettering, however, we chose to reproduce the small markings since they were the most used. The reflector material used is called  artificial glass, and it looks, feels, weighs and performs just like glass. This material was developed to comply with new environmental laws and for safety reasons. The brushed finished housing and the chrome ring are just like the originals.

Porsche Part Number Variation 644-731-501-00 644.731.501.00 64473150100 644 731 501 00