Seal & Rubber Restoration Kit, 911/912 Coupe (65-68)

P/N: SMC.000.893
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Models:911, 912

has all of the seals you will need after painting your car. You will also SAVE when you buy the kit!

Seals come labeled with name and positioning for easy application.


1 Front Windshield Seal
1 Rear Window Seal
1 Front Bumper Seal
2 Rear Bumper Seal
1 Rear Quarter Seal, Left
1 Rear Quarter Seal, Right
2 Door Seal, Coupe
1 Front Hood Seal
1 Rear Bumper Center Panel Seal
1 Rear Deck Lid Seal
1 Fuel Filler Flap
4 Front and Rear Trunk Buffer
2 Torsion Bar Cover Seal
2 Bumper Guard Beading
2 Front Fender Cowl Beading
2 Window Channel, Soft
1 Vent Seal, Left
1 Vent Seal, Right
2 Door Top Trim Seals
2 Vent Glass Under Seal
1 Door Glass Felt Brush, Left Inner
1 Door Glass Felt Brush, Right Inner
2 Front and 2 Rear Door Handle Gaskets **
1 Durant Mirror Base Gasket
2 Headlight Assembly Seal
2 Door Slot Seal
2 Bumper End Cap Beading
1 Taillight Gasket, Right
1 Taillight Gasket, Left
1 Turn Signal Gasket, Right
1 Turn Signal Gasket, Left
2 Hard Window Channels

For models with sunroof, includes:
1 Sunroof Seal, Rubber
1 Rear Sunroof Seal, Velvet
1 Front Sunroof Seal, Velvet

** Indicated items will be matched perfectly to the exact specifications of your car.

We have selected the best quality seals available from Genuine, OEM and aftermarket to make each seal kit. We have found some aftermarket seals fit better and are the same quality as Genuine ones. Kits are custom made specifically for each model and year. Please call or email us with any questions.

Porsche Part Number Variation SMC-000-893 SMC.000.893 SMC000893 SMC 000 893