Spark Plug Wire Holder Set, Twisted, 911R/RS/RSR/935/934/906

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P/N: SMC.610.SET
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Alt. Number:901.609.581.00,901.609.581.01,901.609.581.02,90160958100,90160958101,90160958102
Finish:CAD plated
Set of:Six
WH Rack:I5-3

JORG metal spark plug wire holders with high heat resistant rubber grommets. It fits most Porsche models. These wire holders were used by the Porsche racing team in cars like the 911R, 911RS, 911RSR, 935, 934 and 906. These wire holders are used to separate and group spark plug wires keeping them clear of the engine block and fan shroud. These are bendable to fit all situations and can accommodate up to 6 wires.

Porsche Part Number Variation SMC-610-SET SMC.610.SET SMC610SET SMC 610 SET