Spring Plate Bushing Set, 911/912/930/912E (68-89)

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P/N: SMC.333.110.00
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Models:911, 912, 930, 912E
WH Rack:E13-3
These OE quality aftermarket rubber bushings with correct hardness will restore the original smooth feel of your Porsche. One set (two inner & 2 outer) per car. No tools included.

Use a hacksaw or razor knife to cut off sections of the bushings parallel to the torsion bar and to slice away any remaining rubber stuck to the bar. Use plenty of lubricant or grease on the bushings before sliding onto the torsion bar. Also, lubricating the outer part of the bushings will prevent them from welding to the body of the torsion bar. We do not recommend using glue on the bushings.

Once properly installed, these rubber bushings will restore the original smooth feel of your Porsche before causing damage to your spring plates and torsion bars, as well as extreme tire wear.

Porsche Part Number Variation SMC-333-110-00 SMC.333.110.00 SMC33311000 SMC 333 110 00