Synchro Ring, 3rd/6th, (90-05)

P/N: 928.304.211.30
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Brand:Rauch & Spiegel
Models:928, C2/C4
WH Rack:V-2
Synchro ring for C2 (1990-1994), 993 (1995-1998)and 996 Turbo (2001-2005) models. This item can be used for 3rd/4th gear for the C2 models and will require two. It can be used for 3rd through 6th gear for 993 models and will require six. It can also be used for 5th/6th gear for 996 Turbo models and will require four.

Porsche Part Number Variation 928-304-211-30 928.304.211.30 92830421130 928 304 211 30