VDO Dual Scale Speedometer (KPH/MPH)

P/N: SMC.741.101.14
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Model:All Replica Models
WH Rack:I7-3

Genuine Continental/VDO dash gauge. We are pleased to offer this instrument dial gauge which we developed in conjunction with Continental/VDO and is much better quality then other versions made in China.

These gauges are in 100mm metal housings. (The older reproduction VDO and the Chinese gauges are in 105mm housings.) The original Porsche gauges are 100mm.

These are 12 volt gauges.

These gauges are face lighted, as the originals, not the more modern back lighted style.

The Speedometer is in KPH and MPH, 0 to 180 KPH/ 0 to 120 MPH, and is designed to be GPS driven. This means that it detects your speed from the satellites, just like your Garmin, etc. This requires the addition of a concealed GPS antenna, which is available from Sierra Madre Collection, but NOT included in this listing.  

The reason that the GPS sensor antenna and the 2 other sensors are sold separately is that there are applications where customers may already have one or more of the appropriate units already. We will post these sensors as a separate listing for all 3 as well as separately should you require only a partial set.

We are sure this new offering will create quite a few questions, so please feel free to contact us.


Porsche Part Number Variation SMC-741-101-14 SMC.741.101.14 SMC74110114 SMC 741 101 14